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Palazzo Corvaja

The Palazzo Corvaja is one of the most ancient and representative buildings of Taormina, for his majesty and historical importance since it is located in a required way for those who have to go to the Greek Theatre and the main street of Taormina the Corso Umberto. It has an Arabic style and at the same time Gothic and Norman, turned out from transformations brought by various dominations, as the Roman and Catalans.

Inside the structure you can admire the archeological remains unique in its kind and different historical times. One the most important historical events was in 1410 because it was held in the Sicilian Parliament that elected King of Sicily Federico di Luna.

In the courtyard of the building stands a small balcony with carved panel depicting the Creation of Eve, Original Sin and the Expulsion from Paradise. A very beautiful thing of the Palazzo Corvaja is the Latin inscription that is in the front building, that celebrate Prudence, Justice Temperance and Fortitude.