Taormina and surroundings

From Easter to October period is overrun by tourists and by the same Sicilian, and it’s very nice to visit during other months of the year whereas the climate is always mild. The city is very beautiful in spring when the air smells of flowers like orange blossom season. The main axis of Taormina Corso Umberto, which starts at Porta Messina to Porta Catania.

On it is bordered by shops bars pastries. In the middle of the Corso Umberto Piazza IX Aprile opens a panoramic terrace overlooked by the churches of St. Augustine. Dal Corso Umberto branching side streets and staircases that reach into corners very peaceful. One of them leads to Naumachie, an imposing brick building thermal Roman Empire, which remains a wall with 18 arched niches.

Villa Comunale & Public Garden in Taormina

Taormina presents the visitors the occasion to closely observe floral beauties and exotic trees, so the characteristic of distant lands, but also typical species from the Mediterranean basin, like the olive, the carob tree or the domestic pine.

Palazzo Corvaja

The Palazzo Corvaja is one of the most ancient and representative buildings of Taormina, for his majesty and historical importance since it is located in a required way for those who have to go to the Greek Theatre.

Alcantara Gorges

The Alcantara gorge is situated in the Alcantara valley in Sicily. The gorge stretches up to 25 metres high and is wide, at its narrowest point 2 metres and its widest point 4-5 metres…

Taormina Cableway

The Jonic Hotel Mazzarò di Taormina is near to the cableway of Taormina. With ease the cableway or ‘funivia’ as it’s known locally connects Taormina’s beach resort to its historical centre…

Greek Theatre in Taormina

This theatre is the second largest of its kind in Sicily, after that of Syracuse. The most remarkable monument remaining a Taormina is the ancient theatre…

Etna Volcano

For walkers and nature lovers, Etna offers surprises that at the snow combines fire and vegetation. The biggest volcano in Europe is born only a couple of million years ago…

Mazzaro’ Taormina Mare

Famous touristic place for climate and beautiful beaches, the Lido of Mazzarò has grown from an ancient settlement of fishermen. The bay faces the Ionian Sea…

Ferrovia Circumetnea

Ferrovia Circumetnea represents today, the only railway reality with narrow gauge in exercise in all the Sicily, being been, in the time, sluices or abandoned all the other similar railroads.


It’s a site of great importance both economically and cultural level. Starting with the Neolithic cultures, through the Corinthians who founded the Greek civilization, to get to the baroque city…