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Taormina Cableway

The Jonic Hotel Mazzarò di Taormina is near to the cableway of Taormina and just 50 metres from availabe car parking.With ease the cableway or ‘funivia’ as it’s known locally connects Taormina’s beach resort to its historical centre. For more than 50 years, it has allowed tourists to enjoy the traquility and unique view of staying near the sea, without having to use cars, buses or other transport to reach our beautiful beaches…

In just 2 minutes one can reach the centre of Taormina, arriving directly in the vicinity of the Greek theatre (near the arch of Porta Messina) where during the summer season numerous concerts take place organised by Taormina Arte, with famous musicians from all over the world. In the last 50 years the cable car has had many improvements and changes to guarantee safety and comfort. Today the cable car is monocable with a permanent link that carries two clusters of 4 cabins which equates to 680 people an hour. The cable car is open all year and operates every 15 minutes with an increase in service during the busy summer season.

In every trip the cabin capacity is 12 people therefore transporting 48 people in a single journey. The cablecar are coordinated so that each time 4 cabins ascend, 4 descend contemporarily. The average number of passengers reported per year is around 850,000.